I was born in Mexico City when it was not so crowded. After having graduated from University, I worked for some years for a couple of IT companies, always trying to grow professionally. Then, I realized I was not satisfied at all with my life: I came back to classrooms. Now, after having obtained my MSc and PhD degrees, and the most important, having married to my beautiful wife Jerica, who gave birth my handsome little boy Emiliano, life seems to be very much merrier.

Ever since I can remember, I have always liked football. I have played in all kinds of amateur leagues, which means I have played in all kind of terrain, from brownfields to proper professional pitches with nice grass. I am a supporter of Cruz Azul, my favorite Mexican football club, unfortunately it has been a disappointment in recent years, and it actually has become a mediocre team (I expect to delete these final comments soon). Actually, this is the reason why now I am interested in tennis.

There was a time when I used to go to the cinema once a week, but for some reason, that is not a tradition anymore. Even though I try to watch films and TV shows. Some of my favorite films are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Underground and the classical trilogies The Lord of the Rings and Start Wars. My favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Mad Men and recently Orange Is the New Black.

I think everybody will agree with me that music is the best therapy in all senses. Some of my favorite artist and bands are Moby, The Strokes, Interpol, Kings of Lion, the Mexican Café Tacvba, Molotov, Panteón Rococó, El Gran Silencio, and Las Ultrasónicas, and the Argentinian Bersuit Vergarabat.

Another activity I enjoy a lot and helps me relax is to spend time with Mia, my lovely Labrador Retriever.

Finally, I am not ashamed to say that beer is my preferred drink.


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